YOHIM Yohimbine Hydrochloride


50 x 5mg tabs

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50 tabs x 5mg

Increase Sexual Drive & Performance
Yohimbe is a natural aphrodisiac extracted from Yohimbe Bark in Africa. Yohimbe has been clinically shown to INCREASE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE BY ENHANCING THE SIZE & STAYING POWER OF ERECTIONS, as well as increasing Sexual Drive. Although Yohimbe is primarily known for its Sexual Enhancement Benefits, it has several other benefits:

1. Accelerates Weight Loss By Increasing Metabolism
2. Increases Energy Levels and Elevates Mood
3. Helps Prevent Arteries From Becoming Blocked or Clogged

How Yohimbe Works

Yohimbe works by temporarily blocking the sympathetic system which controls sexual function up until the point of ejaculation, at which time the sympathetic system takes over to achieve orgasm. The result is an INCREASED DURATION OF INTERCOURSE. Males suffering from premature ejaculation can benefit greatly from Yohimbe.

Yohimbe increases the body’s production of Norepinephrine, WHICH IS ESSENTIAL IN THE FORMATION OF AN ERECTION. In addition, Yohimbe increases the formation of Nitric Oxide (a natural substance that is IMPORTANT FOR BLOOD CIRCULATION AND SEXUAL PERFORMANCE).

Improves Blood Flow To Genital Tissues

Yohimbe INCREASES BLOOD FLOW TO THE ERECTILE TISSUE by expanding the arteries which channel blood into the penis, which negates the constriction of the arteries that channel blood into the penis. The increased blood flow improves erections and dramatically increases sensitivity of the Genital Tissue. Increased sensitivity allows for GREATER FEELINGS OF SENSATION AND BETTER ORGASMS.


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