Testoviron Depot Bayer Schering Germany


20 amps/box 250mg/ml


Testoviron is a mixed testosterone injectable (propoinate/enanthate) The propinate being much faster acting than the enanathate, with much less propionate added in. The result is it will increase the testosterone level very quickly yet susutain an elevation for approximately two to three weeks. The design of this steroid is therefore similar to that testosterone blend Sustanon, although Testoviron will remain in active in the body for a noticeably shorter duration.

This steroid is not an unusal compound as it would obviously have an effect similar to other blended testosterone products such as Sten and Sustanon. One can expect to see a rapid buildup of strength and muscle mass during a cycle of this drug, as it it expected with all injectable testosterones. This will likely go hand in hand with a noticeable lever of water retention, as testosterone converts into estrogen quite readily.

Each 1ml amp contains 250mg of testosterone.

20 x 250mg/ml amps


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